[GEAR] Kids Ski Gear : How to Get Started

Whether it’s snowball fights or ski it’s important to keep the young ones warm and comfortable on the slopes, so we’ve taken a look at all the new gear for the 2015-16 winter season at ISPO Munich where the latest ski gear is showcased.

Ski Jacket

A ski jacket is one of the most important pieces of the ski outfit. It needs to keep your kids warm but it must also be practical and last but not least, it must look great, failing that it might not be worn ! This jacket should be waterproof and breathable or you’ll end up with miserable children! Small details become significant when buying a ski jacket, like a hood and a snowskirt to prevent snow from riding up inside the jacket, multiple pockets to keep your kids belongings safe, like skipass and snacks, whilst a hood, and ventilation zips, useful to cool down. There’s now plenty of different styles to choose from, which means the gear can be worn in the park and to school not just the slopes.

Ski Pants

These should be insulated and waterproof to keep your kids warm and dry in snowy and cold conditions. The key features are braces, a great way to prevent them from falling down whether playing in the snow or hitting the slopes and gaiters to keep snow out of their boots.

Family guide CREDIT Crystal (2)

Credit – Crystal


Layers are key. Even though insulated outerwear are warm, it’s still advisable to wear a set of base layers. This insulated layer helps to regulate the body temperature and keep them dry. And staying dry means staying warm. These top and bottom base layers usually come in different lenghts to ensure a great fit.


The helmet size is determined by the measurement around your child’s head. A helmet that is too loose is not going to be safe and can be more dangerous. Keep in mind the sizes may vary depending on the brand. So if possible, try it on in store to find the one that is the most comfortable and best suited to your child’s head. And besides preventing head injuries, helmets offer warmth and comfort !

Family guide CREDIT Avoriaz and Matthieu Vitré

Credit – Avoriaz & Matthieu Vitré


Having cold hands is not fun, especially whilst skiing. Like jackets and pants, gloves and mittens are made of technical fabrics to keep tiny hands protected, dry and warm. For this, they have to fit properly, and should allow enough space at the end of fingers to pinch them.
And to top it all off, a neck gaiter on cold days is the ultimate piece of clothing to stop the cold draught going down their necks.