What Makes the Perfect Ski Holiday Destination?



Megan Hughes

22 Jul 19

It’s Official – Skiing Can Change Your Life

Megan Hughes

22 Jul 19

Experts have finally come to the realisation that ‘skiing can change lives’ – a fact most of us probably already believe!

Not only does skiing help to develop valuable life skills, but it also carries plenty of physical and mental health benefits, leading experts have said in a brand new guide to the benefits of skiing.

The Health Benefits of Skiing, produced by award-nominated ski agents Ski Line, breaks down all the key benefits of a ski holiday and includes hints and tips from instructors and fitness gurus on how to make the most of your time on the slopes, warming up and avoiding injury.

Lynn Mill, a former professional skier and current instructor at www.valdskiinstructors.com, said on behalf of Ski Line: “The lifelong skills learned just by being out in the mountain environment are priceless and many of my students have grown up to be adventurous, proactive and successful even in areas with no connection to snowsports.

“It planted life skills for them.”

She added: “It clears the mind, allows people’s heads to get away from the everyday worries for a few hours and is really fun once you’re up and running. It also does wonders for your core and leg strength as well as your cardio system and proprioception.”

This guide demonstrates that as well as offering a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, skiing can actually help shape you as a person as well as improving your physical shape.

Skiing is a very active sport – research shows that an average day on the slopes will see you burn around 3,000 calories, around three times as many as you would burn on an average working day!

In addition to potential weight loss, working out at altitude and the physical exertion of speeding down the slopes will leave you much fitter than when you started, with your lower body in particular undergoing a strenuous workout.

However, the mental benefits of skiing are the most interesting aspect of this guide. A survey from BMC shows that not only did 99% of skiers claim to have a higher fitness level than their peers, but 93% were reported to be freed from depression.

The slopes can be an ideal place to let go of the tensions of home life and experience an adrenaline rush, while also getting to know your body better and improving your self-confidence.

Neil Maclean-Martin, a ski-fitness expert of BeFitApps, says skiing can change lives “in many positive ways.”

“The beauty, for many, is the amazing mountain environment and that it is so easy to push limits and conquer fears. The rush is hard to beat.

“Pushing limits can do wonders for self-confidence, satisfaction and helping you to set perhaps new unforeseen goals in all aspects of your life.”

For more information on the physical and mental benefits of skiing, as well as hints and tips on how to prepare ahead of a first trip to the slopes, visit Health Benefits of Skiing, by award-nominated Ski Line.