Megan Hughes

28 Jun 18

51% of Skiers Would Like to Try Heliskiing But Only 7% Actually Have

Megan Hughes

28 Jun 18

A new survey by James Orr Heliski shows that only 7% of skiers and snowboarders have been heliskiing, although 51% would like to try the experience.

Almost 4000 UK-based skiers and snowboarders were surveyed on Twitter during April and May 2018 by James Orr Heliski. The results showed that 93% have never been heliskiing, yet more than half would love to give it a go.

Although 49% of respondents said that they preferred to stay on the piste, a Brexit-sized majority said they wanted to try heliskiing.

One of the main reasons that many skiers don’t try heliskiing is perceived cost and whilst travelling by helicopter is undoubtedly more expensive than using the lifts in a resort, there are more affordable ways to try heliskiing that put it in a similar price league to a standard ski holiday.

James Orr said: “There are a number of myths surrounding heliskiing and one of those is certainly cost. Yes we do have some holidays that can have a significant price tag – a week in a private heliski lodge in Canada is truly amazing but will set you back £10k plus, but there are more accessible ways to get a taste of what heli-skiing is all about. We offer a heliski intro holiday in Italy that costs from £1,575 and includes three days skiing off-piste with a guide and one day of heliskiing. For skiers or snowboarders who want to tick their bucket lists, and we know many do, then that is one way to achieve it without saving for a lifetime”.

5 time Winter Olympian Graham Bell joined James Orr on an Italian heliskiing trip last winter and said: “Heliskiing in Alagna is like nowhere else on earth. Being able to drop off at over 4000m in altitude on the Monterosa mountain range is just incredible. The length of the descent is huge and the routes you can take are really varied. All in all it is just a fantastic day out.”

Heli-Intro, Alagna, Italy

From £1,575 per person including 4 nights bed and breakfast accommodation in a 4* hotel, private airport transfers, mountain guide for 4 days, 4 day ski pass, 1 day heliskiing with 2 drops.