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//Ski Accessories


PhoneHug is a new robust solution that offers skiers and snowboarders a simple and portable way to keep our smartphones safe and secure even whilst in use on the slopes or chairlift.

Designed to harness a smartphone, the PhoneHug® allows users  to keep their phones securely attached even when in use and therefore significantly reduces the risk of accidental damage or dropping it on the slopes or lift.

The PhoneHug® is made from a soft and durable environment friendly silicone rubber that stretches to fit all smartphones up to 80mm wide securely hugging the phone at the top and bottom and will stretch to fit over existing protective cases.

The PhoneHug® can withstand temperatures of ­‐45°C to +250°C and is available in a variety of colours.

The PhoneHug® costs £10.99 from www.phonehug.co.uk  PhoneHug is offering 15% off for InTheSnow readers who use the code INTHESNOW15 when ordering before 30 April 2015.

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