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Megan Hughes

20 Oct 17

Atomic Redster G9 2018 Ski Review

Megan Hughes

20 Oct 17

The Atomic Redster G9 2018 is a ski that was born with a serious need for speed, and boy can it handle it!

With the Redster G9, Atomic have created a ski are so smooth you will forget how fast you are travelling. Designed for those that love the Grand Slalom style of skiing, this ski stands out with its power and precision over a longer radius. You honestly could not fault these for out and out long turn piste performance and you’d be hard pushed to find a better option this year.

These will definitely up your game on the piste! Thanks to a Full Sidewall, the Atomic Redster G9 is superbly stable and immensely grippy on hard snow and ice. The edge hold is really unparalleled and means that you really feel confident on this ski, regardless of condition.

With Titanium reinforcement and a Power Woodcore, the Redster G9 also gives you that extra boost of acceleration and power that can prove so helpful in racing conditions.

With this confidence you can charge down the piste hard and fast, with a brilliant smoothness. If anything, this ski prefers you to go fast, as at a speed is where it really shines. For someone who loves the adrenaline of flying down the slopes at top speed, this is a great choice. The Atomic Redster G9 will always keep you ahead of the competition.


Atomic Redster G9 2018 Ski Review

A non-FIS ski, the Atomic Redster G9 is a great choice for someone who doesn’t need the FIS specification, but wants the same incredible performance and reliability. This is a great ski for instructors or trainees, who want something that will perform well both at speed and at a slower pace.

This ski is also available in a shorter turning version – the S9, for those who prefer their turns short and snappy.

Atomic Redster G9 2018 Features: 

  • Servotec
  • High-Speed Sidecut
  • Full Sidewall
  • Power Woodcore
  • Titanium Powered
  • Structured Topsheet
  • World Cup Base Finish
  • Active Camber 0/100/0
  • Includes Atomic X 12 TL Bindings

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Price: £990 (Including Bindings)
Aimed at: Race Skiers

Testing Scores

Edge Hold10
Overall Performance10

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