First Ever ‘Augmented’ World Skiing Championships

Patrick Thorne

16 Dec 19

The first ever ‘World Championships’ of assisted skiing is taking place this winter in the French ski resort of Alpe d’Huez.

Otherwise known as the Augmented World Skiing Championships, the event is designed for skiers who are assisted with exoskeleton devices such as ski-mojo.

A giant slalom race and a ski trail tournament make up the competitive elements of a weekend that includes socialising and meeting like-minded skiers who all use exoskeleton devices when skiing. The founder and organiser of the event Ophélie David, is a former member of the French Alpine Ski Team.

“ski-mojo users can’t enter official ski competitions so the idea to create a special event, that is designed to be fun as well as competitive, for exoskeleton users, seems like a great idea. This event is open to anyone who uses a device such as a ski-mojo, at all levels from intermediate skiers upwards,” Said Martin Hannaford, Managing Director of ski-mojo, an official partner of the event.

The championships take place from Friday January 24 to Sunday January 26, 2020. en.augmented-skiing.com