Sophie Mead

23 Nov 22

Female Backcountry Ski & Board Event

Sophie Mead

23 Nov 22

From the 24th of November to 1st of December 2022 a selection of the world’s top female freeride skiers and snowboarders will gather in Mustang Powder Cats, Revelstoke, BC Canada for Sister Summit for a 100% Female Backcountry Ski & Board Event: a week of workshops and backcountry riding. Throughout the week, the riders will be followed by an all-female film team (an industry first) who will capture every magic moment.

So what is it?

Sister Summit is a space for women to connect, learn and expand their skillsets in the mountains. Through riding, workshops, nutrition and arts, the goal is to grow the mind, body and soul to strengthen the community and become the best athletes possible. Ten skiers, ten snowboarders and three rookies will be accompanied by a team of videographers and photographers, culminating in a peer-judged media contest and award show. On top of that, female chefs, guides, cat drivers, special guests and speakers will collaborate to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The first event is invitation-only, with guests coming from all over the globe to take their freeriding to the next level. It’s unique as it combines the training and competition workshops and wellness. Three rookies will also attend; one skier, one snowboarder, and one videographer/photographer. The goal is to give undiscovered riders a chance to push their skills in a media contest setting where they will meet, learn and collaborate with the leaders in the sport to invest in the future of the industry.

Female Backcountry Ski & Board Event

Established athletes include a host of former Freeride World Tour competitors including #2 ranked snowboarder Erika Vikander and #2 skier Hedvig Wessel who is also a founder.

Wessel says: “For me, Sister Summit is what I wish I had access to growing up. A space for women to connect, collaborate and become better athletes and versions of themselves. We want it to be the space women think about when they seek support or expertise. Let’s get the women together and create magic!”

The concept – a holistic view of being an outdoor athlete

The event aims to change the feminine frequency in the outdoors by bringing together top athletes to advance the level and redefine the standards of the sport. By sharing skills and knowledge, participants can help each other grow and evolve.

Being an athlete is not just about physical performance. Today, being a professional athlete is a holistic endeavour which demands social media skills, negotiation practice, sponsorship management and overall health knowledge. Athletes need to be as fit, healthy and strong as possible whilst also being their own business and brand manager. Being able to build a brand and identity is key to attracting partners, which is an athlete’s livelihood.

Female Backcountry Ski & Board Event

Sister Summit will open discussions for athletes to share their story, background, skills and knowledge with each other. Several leading female business professionals and creatives will share their expertise in topics such as personal branding, entrepreneurship, female empowerment, avalanche and snow safety, nutrition, breathwork practices and healing modalities.

Canadian founder Leanne Pelosi says: “I truly believe it’s our responsibility as we grow and evolve to give back to help our communities thrive. Sister summit is a culmination of athletes and creators who are dedicated to shining light on women in the mountains.”

Media Contest

The focus of the media contest is progression, not points. From building jumps and learning new tricks to riding deep powder, stomping pillow lines and airing natural features. Learning comes through connecting with nature; failing and getting back up again with the support of friends. Sharing experiences and knowledge leads to mutual growth and support every step of the way. The contest will be a culmination of everything learned during the week.

Safety Focus

Safety is critical for success in the mountains. Through snow science, scenario-based training and case studies, the participants will deepen their knowledge to maximize their experience. This will include learning first aid practices, avalanche safety techniques and perfecting use of daily equipment. Additionally, by learning to listen to gut instincts and mitigating human factors, it’s possible to raise the standard for all individuals entering the backcountry.

Production Director Fanny Avril says: “I have always been amazed by the power of sports: a key to restore peace in society, to claim inclusivity and equality in a diplomatic way and to inspire generations of dreamers. We will do our best to ensure that legacy through high quality content, and make sure that every rider can express themselves freely through skiing and snowboarding, with no other consideration but their talent. ”

The workshops and content will be available on Outside TV following the event. Follow SisterSummit to stay up to date with the latest action from Revelstoke.


  1. Lexi duPont
  2. Hedvig Wessel
  3. Amie Engebretson
  4. Mckenna Peterson
  5. Sasha Dingle
  6. Rachel Croft
  7. Evelina Nilsson
  8. Janina Kuzma
  9. Janelle Yip
  10. Maggie Voisin
  11. Molly Armanino
  12. Mollie Jepsen
  13. Piper Kunst (Rookie)



  1. Leanne Pelosi
  2. Hana Beaman
  3. Manuela Mandl
  4. Taylor Godber
  5. Khai Bhagwandin
  6. Erika Vikander
  7. Mary Rand
  8. Ylfa Runarsdottir
  9. Anto Galmez (Rookie)


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