Patrick Thorne

03 Mar 24

‘Dip, Dunk, Dook’ For Disability Snowsport UK

Patrick Thorne

03 Mar 24

The UK’s leading adaptive snowsports charity, Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK) have just launched a new cold water fundraising challenge, asking winter sports enthusiasts across the country to embrace the chill and help raise vital funds to support adaptive skiers and snowboarders in Britain this winter.

The ‘Dip, Dunk, Dook’ challenge, encourages people to immerse themselves in cold water by going for an outdoor swim, taking a cold shower or plunging into an ice bath – with the aim of getting family and friends to sponsor efforts DSUK.

The challenge is fully customisable, and can last for one day or one month, depending on your level of dedication and overall fundraising goal.

Disability Snowsport UK Membership and Fundraising Officer, Bonnie McGhie-Convery (pictured top) says, “Much like skiing and snowboarding, experiencing cold water can have huge metal and physical benefits. We know not everyone has immediate access to the slopes in the UK, but everyone can access cold water in one way or another – so we’re asking people to take a dip in their local lake, dunk in their closest river or dook in their nearest loch … for those of us in Scotland! You can even turn on the cold tap on your bath or shower at home, it all counts!”

CEO of Disability Snowsport UK Virginia Anderson says, “The Dip, Dunk, Dook campaign is challenging people to push themselves outside of their comfort zone – if only for a few moments – just like each of our disabled skiers and snowboarders do when they put on skis for the first time.

“You can take on the challenge as an individual or a group and set your own duration – it’s all about embracing your personal triumphs, pushing boundaries and fostering a sense of community. Let’s create waves of inclusivity and make a splash for a more accessible world.”

Bonnie continues, “Immersing yourself in cold water has been proven to invigorate the immune system, providing a natural defence against illnesses and infections. Cold water submersion is also a catalyst for improved circulation, offering potential benefits in reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues and can provide a natural remedy for pain, offering a soothing effect on the body. So by embracing the cold for DSUK, you’re not only helping us to raise much needed funds, it also has a great health benefit too”.

Just £250 pays for two quick releases for a sit-ski, £100 pays for three helmets and £40 pays for a one-hour ski lesson.

Participants, who take up the challenge and raise a minimum of £100 will also receive a free DSUK beanie, with supporters encouraged to join the conversation and share their cold-water adventures on social media, using the hashtag #DipDunkDook.