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Dom Killinger

16 Mar 24

Revelstoke Resort Guide

Dom Killinger

16 Mar 24

What’s REV really like?

As the sun began to set over Heathrow Airport, our journey to the pristine slopes of British Columbia commenced. Boarding the 2 pm flight to Vancouver, anticipation filled the air as we embarked on our transatlantic voyage. Landing at around 7 pm local time, the vibrant city lights of Vancouver welcomed us with open arms.

Our initial destination was Sun Peaks, a hidden gem nestled amidst the majestic Canadian Rockies. While flying into Calgary might be an alternative route worth considering, our itinerary led us to explore the enchanting trails of Sun Peaks first. However, a word of caution: navigating the roads can be a bit precarious, especially during certain seasons. A quick search on Drive BC can provide valuable insights into road conditions.

After collecting our luggage and securing a rental car, we embarked on the journey to Revelstoke. Despite a slight delay in retrieving our skis, the transition was manageable, thanks to the camaraderie of traveling with friends. However, for families, opting for a layover in Vancouver and an early morning drive to the resort might be a more favorable choice, considering personal preferences and convenience.

Arriving at Revelstoke on February 2nd, 2024, we were greeted by snow conditions that deviated from the norm. While locals expressed discontent, we found ourselves pleasantly surprised. A light snowfall during our stay elevated the conditions, surpassing many European resorts we’ve visited in the past.

Navigating the main highway to Revelstoke proved to be straightforward, albeit with the absence of road lighting and the occasional presence of sizable lorries along the Trans Canada Highway. Fuel stops are available along the route, ensuring a smooth journey to the mountain haven.

Revelstoke, with its charming ambiance, lived up to its reputation. Opting to stay at the base provided convenience, albeit with a limited selection of dining options. Although off-piste adventures were hindered by snow conditions during our visit, Revelstoke is renowned for its boundless backcountry opportunities.

Our culinary escapades were a highlight of the trip, with La Baguette’s breakfast offerings standing out as a favorite among the gastronomic delights.

In hindsight, our journey to Sun Peaks and Revelstoke was a testament to the allure of Canadian powder and the thrill of exploration. Despite the unexpected twists and turns, our family’s adventure in the heart of British Columbia will forever remain etched in our memories as an unforgettable escapade into winter wonderland.

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