World’s Oldest Skier Hits The Slopes Aged 102

George Jedenoff, who is believed to be the oldest person still skiing, has been hitting the slopes of Alta in Utah again, now aged 102 and a half.

Mr Jedenoff was among a group of more than 130 skiers aged 70 or older who visited Alta from all corners of North America. However George was believed to be the only one in the ‘100+ Ski Club’ division.

An online report from Alta says that George still, “tears up powder like a teenager,” and thanks him for, “…another year of inspiration and our annual reminder to “never give up.”

Mr Jedenoff has actually been skiing for less than 60 years, having learned to ski aged 43 after being transferred by the company he worked for to a plant in Utah. He puts his ability to keep skiing down to staying fit and says that he still works out daily.


George’s advice for skiers and for life, as reported by Alta, “Always be kind to others. Count your blessings and don’t let life’s problems overshadow the good in life. And above all, never give up.”