tweet4seats With Chamexpress

I get countless numbers of press releases everyday, and every company has some unique selling point they’re trying to promote, but sometimes it doesn’t take so much effort to get noticed.

Twitter, you either love it or loath it, and right now I love it. I especially love people tweeting directly to me, as it makes it far more interesting.

Andrew Martin from Chamexpress sent me this earlier today, “@benclatworthy Save money on Chamonix transfers! The more you tweet, the cheaper your seat: @chamexpress #tweet4seats bit.ly/r8MHia” and for just about once in my life, I was hooked by an advertising campaign.

Their aim is simple, the more people who follow their account, the more discount they will give every passenger who travels with them. When they reach 500 followers (and they’ve got a way to go yet) everyone receives a €0.50 discount, €1 at 1000 and €1.50 at 1500. It’s not a massive amount, but all you have to do is click follow.

Chamexpress offer transfers to Chamonix from Geneva airport, for just €28 per seat, all season, every 45 minutes.