TV Screens Coming To Chairlift Safety Bars

STORY BY Patrick Thorne 5th August 2017

TV Screens Coming To Chairlift Safety Bars

A Colorado based company has announced plans to put small TV screens on chairlift safety bars to provide information and advertising as the lifts ascend.

Alpine Media Technology is reported to have raised $150,000 in funding and signed deals with Winter Park and Steamboat ski resort amongst others for their first ‘LiftDigital’ installations next winter.

At Winter Park the screens will be on the safety bars of the Super Gauge express chairlift, at Steamboat within gondola cabins.

Each panel contains a power source, 4-8 video displays, WiFi, and the option for wireless cell phone charging.  The panel is rapidly charged with each pass of the bullwheel and stores enough energy to power the displays for up to 20 minutes,” an Alpine Media Technology spokesperson said.

Along with advertising the screens will display digital trail maps, status updates on trails and lifts, safety messages from across the ski area, weather reports and details of road traffic conditions on access roads.

Alpine Media Technology say they cover the installation costs for the ski resorts that allow them to place the panels on their lifts. Alpine Media Technology also sell advertising to displayed on the panels themselves and the resorts make money too from a share of this revenue.

Although there have been some digital signs on lift towers at some resorts in the Alps for some years, and some new gondola installations also have interior screens provided by the manufacturer, this is believed to be the first digital signage on chairlifts.

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