15 Apr 11

Ski Club Of Great Britain Launch New Eco Ashtray For Skiers And Snowboarders

15 Apr 11

A new eco-friendly portable ashtray has been launched by the Ski Club of Great Britain as part of their Respect the Mountain campaign as Ben Clatworthy reports.

In a bid to stop skiers and snowboarders from dropping their cigarette butts from chairlifts and on the mountain, the Ski Club is distributing the ashtrays to ski resorts around the world.

Ski Club Leaders based in 34 resorts both in Europe and North America have been handing out the ashtrays to skiers and snowboarders in their resorts, plus the Ski Club is giving them out for free at a range of snowsports events including The BRITS, the Ski Club Tignes Dual Slalom and the Winter Sessions Weekender in Chamonix.

The portable ashtray is made from recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials and was developed by UK company Boodi to provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or metal pocket ashtrays that end-up in landfill sites every year.

“This is the Ski Club’s latest initiative to encourage people not to drop their litter on the mountains”, says Caroline Stuart Taylor, Chief Executive of the Ski Club of Great Britain. “Our Respect the Mountain campaign aims to raise awareness about how skiers and snowboarders can try and minimise their impact on the environment, and with our new eco ashtrays we are taking a practical step to actually help them do this.

The ashtrays can be ordered on the Ski Club of Great Britain website for free in packs of five with a contribution of £2.50 to cover postage and packaging. For those looking to show their passion for the mountains there is also a range of Respect the Mountain clothing on sale in the Ski Club online shop, with all profits going towards Respect the Mountain.

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