AGAINER ski exoskeleton



Megan Hughes

19 Feb 20

Say Goodbye to Leg and Back Pain When Skiing with AGAINER Ski Exoskeleton!

Megan Hughes

19 Feb 20

If you’ve ever felt pain in your knees or back while skiing, you will know how frustrating and often debilitating this can be. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to your holiday for months, then getting out onto the slopes and not being able to perform in the way you might want. Though your mind may be ready to fly down the slopes, your body may not be able to …

This is where ski exoskeletons come in. The right ski exoskeleton can increase the performance of your leg muscles as well as reduce pressure on your knees and back.

One of the few ski exoskeletons on the market at the moment is AGAINER. Since 2013, AGAINER has been boosting enjoyment of skiing for fans worldwide by enabling and prolonging skiing for those that suffer knee and back issues. It’s hugely powerful, providing up to 2x more support than its closest rival and most importantly for keen British skiers, it’s now available for test and purchase in the UK!

AGAINER consists of light plastic shell powered by air springs that are adjusted by pump. These systems are attached to your ski boot, with the frame running either side of your leg and straps to keep it in place.

Essentially, it supports your knees and quads, removing the majority of pressure that you feel and allowing you in turn to put more  onto your skis without pain or discomfort. This increases performance of your leg muscles and reduces pressure on your knees and back.

Heading into a turn, the AGAINER system absorbs shock, meaning that your legs feel less pressure and … on the snow. Out of a turn, the system helps to push the body back up, springing you out into prime position for your next turn.

Getting it on can be done in just three instant steps. Simply click the Againers onto your ski boots, fasten the leg straps, flip the power switch from walk to ski mode (when ready!) and you are good to go!

In addition to aiding those that suffer knee and back issues to ski with increased comfort and durability, AGAINER can offer skiers of all abilities the opportunity to protect their joints and reduce fatigue, prolonging not only your skiing day, but your skiing life on a whole!

Indeed, it has been compared to ‘having an extra set of leg muscles that never get tired or wear out’!  Take a look at the numerous online reviews for further opinions from real users.

So whether you’re recovering from an injury, want to get more from your ageing limbs or simply fancy the chance to ski with a little more power, the range of skiers that can benefit from AGAINER is vast.

Having tried one of these myself, I can truly vouch for how much of a difference it makes to your skiing, even if you don’t feel you “need” it. Granted, some fully fit skiers will always prefer to trust in their own body, but even just trying something like this is a great experience and can allow you to ski in a whole new way.

And testing it has never been easier, as now, UK skiers have a unique opportunity to conveniently test AGAINER without needing to take a trip to the mountains. How?

1. Order test set with Home Delivery @ manufacturer’s site

2. Get a test set @ UK’s Ski Retailers listed on retailer section

So get out there and see for yourself what makes AGAINER a game-changer for so many skiers.