Pranksters Claim to have Left £5000 Camera In Indoor Snow Centre after Spending Night There

STORY BY Patrick Thorne

A group of three snowboarding pranksters who apparently spent the night snowboarding within the Chill Factore indoor snow centre near Manchester would apparently have got away with it if they hadn’t made the classic blunder of leaving a £5,000 video camera at the scene.

An investigation is reported to be underway as to how the three got away with the stunt on Saturday night.

In low-quality videos posted online that appear to have been filmed on a mobile phone, the three film each other using snowboards and tubes on the slope through the night and, after leaving the building, claiming to have ‘blagged’ a security guard in to letting them out in the morning.

In a later online clip however one of the three pranksters says,

“Right now we’re having a disaster. …The ski slope’s all messed up. Not broken but messed up because we were sliding down it at night and just realised that he’s forgot his camera. He’s left a five grand camera in the ski slope and complete disaster.”

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