Park City Reclaims Shot Ski World Record

It has become one of the fiercest rivalries in the skiing world, with two of America’s great ski towns going head to head over a vital world record.

Park City in Utah (once famous in the ski world in part for its strict alcohol laws when it came to apres ski) is the latest to reclaim the crown of Shot ski world record holders – a record that essentially involves a lot of people lining the resort’s  Main Street in a massive long line, each holding a bit of a ski, which is bolted at each end to the next skis either side, on to which a shot glass is balanced.  All must then lift the ski and drink their shot together.

1,275 Park City residents (or ‘Parkites’) took part with the ‘ski’ (actually 508 linked skis) measuring nearly 785 metres (2,570 feet) in length.

The event was organised by the Park City Sunrise Rotary Club who raised $29,475 for community organisations in the Rotary Club’s Grant Program. The drinks were provided by local High West’s Double Rye Whiskey distillery.

Breckenridge look likely to try to reclaim the title later this winter.