Official First French Leg of 2017 Freeride World Tour Staged In Andorra

What should have been the first stage of the 2017 Freeride World Tour has finally been staged in Andorra, almost three weeks after it had been planned to be staged in Chamonix.

Today’s competition, with the complicated official title:   THE 2017 SWATCH FREERIDE WORLD TOUR CHAMONIX-MONT-BLANC STAGED IN VALLNORD-ARCALÍS, ANDORRA …saw the postponed first leg staged at the venue for the second leg.

Rider and event safety is the number one priority of the  Freeride World Tour’s organisers and the  Chamonix window for the contest was plagued by issues like strong wind, which, after faily delays through the contest’s event window, forced the organisers to postpone it.

After the second leg of the contest was successfully stage in Andorra last week on Thursday 9th the  postponed Chamonix leg was then delayed by bad weather in Andorra too at the weekend but today there were no such concerns as brilliant sunshine marked the competition opener today.

Peak Performance Radical Moment with Leo Slemett – Chamonix-Mo…

And the Peak Performance Radical Moment of the Swatch Freeride World Tour Chamonix-Mont-Blanc staged in Vallnord-Arcalís goes to the ski men winner Léo Slemett ! ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE !#DROPIN #FWT17 #RadicalMoment

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Snowboard men opened the day and perhaps no one rode better in the category than Jonathan Penfield (USA), who was nudged into fourth place after his stunning line featuring creative transfers succumbed to a mid-venue fall. First place was awarded to Christoffer Granbom (SWE) for his fluid run that seemed to touch on all of the finest features of the face.

The next category to explore the day’s evolving conditions were the snowboard women, a group topped by powerful riding from Marion Haerty (FRA), who was able to hold a strong line featuring airs that earned her first place.

First place for the ski women was awarded to Lorraine Huber (AUT) for skiing a clean, fast, and feature-packed run involving multiple airs and solid technique. As conditions softened slightly on the face, Kylie Sivell (CAN) stomped a powerful and consistent run down the venue, putting her in second.

There was no shortage of action in the ski men category as Léo Slemett (FRA) edged out fellow Frenchman Loïc Collomb-Patton (FRA) with the judge’s favourite line of the day that started with a 360 at the top of the venue and terminated with a full-throttle double-set air into a stomped backflip. While many of the top riders landed high amplitude flips and spins, it was Yann Rausis (SUI) that was able land the most impressive upper-venue air which secured him the third place position on the podium.

The next leg will be staged in Fieberbrunn, Austria.

(Image top Christopher Grambon, Sweden; credit T Lloyd)