Ice, Ice, Baby – New Ice Concert Hall to Host Ice Instrument Concerts on Top of a Glacier

The Presena glacier in the Val di Sole area of Italy’s Trentino region is taking its icy heritage to new levels this winter with a ‘concert hall’ to be built of snow and ice on the glacier where performances will be made by an orchestra playing instruments made of ice.

The new ‘giant igloo concert hall’ is to be located close to the top station of the resort’s Paradiso cable car station at an elevation of 2,600 metres.

The large igloo will be able to host 200 guests for a series of concerts to be performed in this unique setting on Thursdays and Saturdays from January to March.

The music offered will range from pop and rock to jazz and will be played with ice instruments created by the American artist Tim Linhart.

Both before and after the concerts it will be possible to visit the “ice lab” where these instruments are created. Concerts will be held.

The Ice Music Festival will end with an “Ice Music Party” on Saturday 30 March with famed Italian musician and cello player Giovanni Sollima.