Matchstick Productions


Get ready to go “All In” with Matchstick Productions this winter!

This year, ski movie production power house, Matchstick Productions, are set to wow audiences with not one, but two ski films – with the action packed “ALL IN” and the bio pic “HOJI.”

The team from Holmlands will be running a series of events in both the UK and Iceland this autumn, kick starting with the UK Premiere of HOJI in London on October 18th… read more about the films, below and snap up your tickets here – a sure-fire way to get you pumped for winter!

“ALL IN” is a film that delivers a first of its kind experience. This concept is spearheaded by a talented group of hard-charging women who wanted to disrupt the male-dominated ski film formula. Skiing isn’t exclusionary. True fun in the mountains can be shared by everyone. This isn’t your typical “Women can shred too” film, this is a kick-ass ski film that just happens to feature as many women as men.

Directed by Scott Gaffney, this film will embody the spirit of past Matchstick films with high-action ski segments, stunning imagery and engaging humour. Shot in exotic locations over the course of 2018, ALL IN will excite skiers across the globe. Follow the crew from the lift-accessed terrain of Snowbird to the dreamworlds of Japan and Alaska amplified by a soundtrack that will be on everyone’s ski playlist next year. This film is light on story, high on action and full of fun-loving personality. ALL IN is a reference to the commitment the athletes have to their sport while simultaneously alluding to the inclusionary nature of skiing.

ALL IN is captured in stunning 4k definition. Shot on location in British Columbia, Alaska, Utah, Washington, Japan and South America. Starring: Angel Collinson, Michelle Parker, Tatum Monod, Elyse Saugstad, Mark Abma, Wiley Miller, Johnny Collinson, and Cody Townsend.

“HOJI” – Eric Hjorleifson lets his skiing speak for itself. He doesn’t stand on the bar and shout out his accolades. He skis for brands that give him 100% creative control over the equipment that he designs and uses. He chases storms. He ditches his cell phone for weeks at a time. His exploits are rarely flaunted on social media. In spite of all of this – or maybe because of it – he is a hero to legions of skiers across the globe. This is who Eric is – this is “HOJI.” Directed by Scott Gaffney and featuring Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, James Heim and more.

Founder and Director of Holmlands, Cameron Hall says, “We’ve been running screenings for Matchstick Productions in the UK since 2014 and are excited to be screening two films this winter. Each night is always lots of fun, with a host of amazing prizes to be given away – and a great opportunity to bring likeminded skiers together, with industry brands and operators. With the release of any ski movie, the excitement levels for winter always crank up a notch!”

This year’s film tour is supported by Crystal Ski Holidays, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, Pure Powder, Fjallakofinn, Ski Club of Great Britain, Drysure, Lagunitas Brewing Co, Axiski, Protect Our Winters UK and Disability Snowsport UK.

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