SCOTT Symbol 2 Plus D Helmet Review

Ski Protection

The SCOTT Symbol 2 Plus D delivers the next level in skiing safety. With D3O® inserts and MIPS® integration this helmet has established a new standard for low, mid, and high velocity impacts.

With a totally new shape, the second generation boasts a much lower profile than its predecessor and 360° Pure Sound ear pads allow for better noise detection, meaning you will be looking your best and staying safe.

The Symbol 2 Plus D doesn’t just have a totally new design this season, it also comes with 3 key safety technologies. This award winning helmet is Scott’s first ski helmet to integrate D3O™, an extremely performing shock absorption material as well as a MIPS™ layer.

RRP: £180

What is MIPS? We explore this revolutionary technology!



  • SCOTT Progressive Energy Absorption with D3O®
  • MIPS® Brain Protection System
  • 360° Pure Sound Technology
  • Dual Active Venting System

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