Dogs On Snow

STORY BY Patrick Thorne

As the ski season wound down in Australia the small ski area of Corin Forest organised a special weekend session for dogs, as well as their owners.

The inaugural Snow Dogs event was reported to be a huge success, completely selling out, with more than 300 dogs taking part on the first day alone, ranging in size and age from small puppies to very big dogs.

In total more than 1500 people attended, accompanied by around 700 dogs attended the event, some coming from as far away as Sydney.

“We’ve had a lot of requests throughout the snow season of people asking if they can bring their dogs down, so we thought seeing as it’s the end of the season, why not make an event out of it,” said Hannah Lucas from Corin Forest.

Owners, who were asked to keep their dogs on leads and pick up any droppings, commented that their dogs, many of which hadn’t seen snow before, enjoyed eating the snow and digging in it, with some reported to be even sliding down the hills.

“This was my dog’s first time seeing the snow, she was excited just to sniff it,” said one.

After its inaugural success, there are now plans to make Snow Dogs an annual event.

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