Dali on the Slopes

Patrick Thorne

24 Nov 18

Visitors to French resort Courchevel over the past decade will have been unable to miss the growing number of works of art that appear on the ski slopes, most of them changing each winter.

In fact the arrival of the work is not just random but the work of Galeries Bartoux in partnership with the ski area which 10 years ago took on the ambitious task of bringing art and the mountains to create an open-air gallery in the snow.

Art at the Summit’s first surrealist exhibition saw the ski slopes and resort centre become a backdrop for Dali’s artwork with monumental sculptures appearing including original pieces that are amongst  the famous artist’s most renowned creations, made during the 1980’s.

Skiers were able to admire “Woman Aflame” at the top of Les Chenus, “Alice in Wonderland” at the top of La Vizelle, as well as the famous melting watches dotted all over the resort.

Ten years later the 3 Valleys resort reports that Dali’s work is returning to Courchevel’s mountains to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Art at the Summit this winter.