The Best Ways to Travel

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If you are thinking about booking a ski holiday, it’s likely that you are considering the best (and possibly the safest) way to travel to a ski resort next year. Of course, it’s almost impossible to predict exactly what the situation will be in terms of international travel in a few months. While some restrictions have loosened in recent months, other destinations have seen an upturn in cases leading to safety measures being re-imposed.

Interestingly, many ski companies have seen an upturn in enquiries including minimal contact transport options, such as self-driving, ferry or channel tunnel options.

However, air travel is likely to remain the most popular choice for those looking to get to the mountains.


In terms of the safety of air travel, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have issued a set of guidelines aiming to help ensure passengers are as protected as possible. This will include the requirement for passengers and crew to wear face masks throughout their journey, restrictions on hand luggage, reduced food services and no toilet queues.

Most airlines and airports have seemed happy to adopt these guidelines, which are extensive and intend to prevent spread of the pandemic at every stage of the air travel process. It is hoped that by winter we’ll be safely flying out to the mountains once more.


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