Ski Lifts on Volcanoes

Although the vast majority of ski lifts are built on mountains created by plate tectonics, pushed up and eroded back down over millions of years, quite a few of the mountains we ski and board on were once active volcanoes, many created in far shorter timescales than the Alps or the Rockies. You can find ski areas built on extinct volcanoes in the Vosges region of France, the Czech Republic, Niseko in Japan, and at resorts in many other countries that were once active volcanoes, you can even ski on the top of the world’s highest mountain (if you include its underwater bit), Mauna Kea in Hawaii, and the Arizona Snowbowl in the US describes itself as Arizona’s active volcano.  Actually it isn’t active but it’s a clever marketing claim, the skiing and boarding being the active part of the volcano. But there are ski lifts on active volcanos –...

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