Slacklining Above One of the World’s Iconic Ski Runs During a Total Eclipse

Yesterday’s total solar eclipse got Americans very excited, being the first to travel from coast to coast across the entire United States in the height of summer during prime daylight hours for 99 years. Among the millions who travelled to the ‘area of totality’ where the sun was 100% obscured by the moon (outside this diagonal line from the northwest to the southeast US the sun was a few percent less than completely covered) were a few athletes and professional photographers working for Red Bull and aiming to do something different during this “once in a lifetime opportunity.” In Wyoming Alex Mason stepped off the edge of a cliff high above Jackson Hole, spending the entirety of the two-minute 26-second eclipse totality on a 75-foot-long slackline (just one inch wide) strung 150 feet over one of the world’s most famous ski runs, Corbet’s Couloir, at an elevation of 10,450 feet....

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